second leg

 The main goals of MREA08 Experiment are:

  1. To collect oceanographic data to calibrate and validate the MREA concept for environmental applications in open sea and coastal areas
  2. Calibrate/Validate a relocatable model system nested in the basin scale operational oceanographic model (called MREA model system
  3. Demonstrate the utility of MREA model system for contaminant dispersal forecasting
  4. Study mesoscale processes in the Ligurian Sea and their importance on contaminant dispersal

 The experiment will be performed in two periods:

 Phase Ι: September 30 – October 4 (5 days)
 Phase ΙΙ: October 13 – October 24 (12 days) with October 18-19 parking stop in La Spezia




The different surveys data sets (CTD, ADCP, drifters) can be downloaded in text format from here


Cruise Plan MREA08


Team MREA08

Name Affiliation
 N.Pinardi  DIFA, UNIBO
 N. Fabbroni  CIRSA, UNIBO
 P. Oddo  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 M. Drudi  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 M. Dedominicis  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 C. Fratianni  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 M. Tonani  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 P. Poulain  OGS
 R. Gerin  OGS
 F. Marcucci  CNMCA -USAM
 M. Ferri  CNMCA -USAM
 L. Torrisi  CNMCA -USAM
 M. Capaldo  CNMCA -USAM
 S. Pasquini  CNMCA -USAM
 M. Demarte  IIM, Genova
 P. Di Vasta  IIM, Genova
 A. Griffa  ISMAR-CNR - Sez. La Spezia
 G. Manzella  ENEA- Sez. Lerici
 F. Reseghetti  ENEA- Sez. Lerici
 R. Santoleri  CNR-ISAC