Aretusa Survey

In 2007 the first MREA CTD surveys were carried out in the Ligurian Sea in May and June 2007.

The aim was to develop a rapid assessment strategy toward environmental emergency response and thus the observational strategy did consider also a program of drifter releases. The data were used in several publications and a report (only italian version) documented the data collection strategy.


The different surveys data sets (CTD, ADCP, drifters) can be downloaded in text format from here


Final Report

Team MREA07

Name Affiliation
 N.Pinardi  DIFA, UNIBO
 P. Oddo  INGV, Sez. Bologna
 N. Fabbroni  CIRSA, UNIBO
 P. Poulain  OGS
 C. De Simone  CNMCA
 M. Demarte  IIM, Genova
 A. Griffa  ISMAR-CNR - Sez. La Spezia
 G. Manzella  ENEA- Sez. Lerici
 F. Reseghetti  ENEA- Sez. Lerici